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George Ellis

Mr. George Lewis Ellis
Vietnam Veteran
Protem, MO

July 23, 1947 - September 4, 2020

George Lewis Ellis died on Friday September 4, 2020 at the age of 73.
He was by all accounts an all-around, full-fledged, Badass, who could stop you dead with a stern look. But he also knew when the best days to purchase the softest and freshest Wonder Bread, and was kind enough to share that knowledge with all who sought it, and even some that did not.
He only had two voices, loud and yelling, both of which you knew were signs of his affections. He loved to argue and spent hours scouring the internet to find interesting things to learn and then debate with his children, who are all experts in this fine art thanks to his years of training.
He fancied smart and outspoken women long before it was fashionable and prided himself on raising several, along with a smart and outspoken son, which has always been fashionable.
He took fashion advice from no one, and he loudly complained about cats, but could be seen on occasions snuggling one while asleep in his chair. He took in many strays over the years (pets and humans alike) which only showcased how tender hearted he really was. He adored his dogs, Cody (deceased) and Poochie and would cook them breakfast every day, and feed them whatever meal he himself was eating. As a bonus token of his love, he kept them supplied with a steady flow of Slim Jim’s and beef jerky to tide them over between meals. Ever so tenderly killing them softly with his love.
He had a lifelong love affair with tubular meats and was a master connoisseur of the finest hotdogs, hotlinks, brats, and bolognas. In addition to his love of processed meats he had an equal hatred of squirrels and would not tolerate one stepping foot in his yard. The war of the species went on for 25 years and we all have hailed him the victor.
George was fond of saying “If you don’t limp, you ain’t shit!” in reference to him losing a toe in 2002. His answering machine was famous for saying “you’ve reached what’s left of George Ellis, leave a message.” Those in his inner circle knew to, in-fact, never leave a message, because he would not check it.
George was born in Los Angela’s, CA to Lewis Emmerson Ellis and Zabelle Deranian (both deceased) he has one sister Susan Lopez with her husband John. He also has two brothers Tom Ellis with his wife Mae, and Richard Ellis. He adored his siblings, and as the eldest he took pride in looking out for them, arguing with them, being there for them, and of course even more arguing with them, as only a good Armenian family can understand. He also had a second family in Chanute, KS made up of many cousins that he honed his ornery skills with, and spent countless hours/years throwing back a few and playing music. Donnie Ellis, CeCe Mitchell, Karen Washburn, Janet Rollow and Darilyn Galemore were cousins in name, but siblings in his heart. The stories from his siblings and cousins are many and could fill novels. Proudly none of which are appropriate for an obituary, and all of which contribute to his legendary status.
George also leaves behind nieces and nephews he loved as his own. Clint Ellis, Connie Ellis, Michael Gomez (deceased) Richard Gomez, Emily Ellis, and Jr. Ellis.
George leaves behind his children, who were his pride and joy: James Ellis (Buck) and his wife Tiffany, Cecelia Havens and her husband Jeff, Angela Ellis, Tammi Miller and Deanna Miller along with his grandkids all of whom he adored, and gifted only the finest and loudest presents he could find. (He once gifted a snare drum to a 3-year-old).
George Ellis was a larger than life figure, who was brilliant, outspoken, enjoyed being ornery and loved his family deeply. He showcased resilience and fortitude, and always “doing the right thing, even if no one is watching.” He was a legend and we are honored to have shared our lives with him.
As George would have hated the fuss, or the thought of putting anyone in danger, there will be no immediate service, however a celebration of his life will be held at a later date.
Cremation is under the direction of the Kissee-Schofield-Eakins Funeral Home, Forsyth, MO.

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